Competition Winners


2015 Fourth Installment Competition Winner

Title: Thunder Clap
Writer: Maria Davis
Genre: Comedy

2015 Third Installment Competition Winner

Title: Mr. Wonderful
Writer: Georgina Torres
Genre: Comedy



2015 Second Installment Competition Winner

Title: Beyond The Horizon
Writer: Perry Stanley
Genre: Thriller



2015 First Installment Competition Winner

Title: Be Very Afraid
Writer: Jason Jordan
Genre: Horror

2014 Twelfth Installment Competition Winner

Title: Love For A Minute
Writer: Kerry Jennings
Genre: Comedy
Logline: Cursed by a new-age hippie, an extremely ugly man wakes up one day and discovers he's falling in love with random women. The only way to break the curse is by getting one of the women to fall in love with him.




2014 Eleventh Installment Competition Winner

Title: The Pressure Life
Writer: Mary Tomasky
Genre: Drama
Logline: After quitting her job and catching her cheating husband with her best friend, a middle-aged woman goes on an identity seeking adventure that takes her all over the world with the hope of finding what she really wants out of life.

2014 Tenth Installment Competition Winner

Title: License Over The Hill
Writer: Ace Reyes
Genre: Comedy
Logline: A group of grandfathers buy fake driver's licenses and unknowingly become get-away drivers for a squad of bank robbers.

2014 Ninth Installment Competition Winner

Title: Bang To The Sky
Writer: David Lewis
Genre: Action
Logline: An ex-cop turned bounty hunter must stop a crooked police chief from running an underground syndicate of hitmen.

2014 Eighth Installment Competition Winner

Title: Dark Falls
Writer: Amy Brownlee
Genre: Horror
Logline: Two sisters play a prank on their friend by locking her inside an abandon building, but the prank goes completely wrong when their friend vanishes inside of the building. The sisters set out on a horrific mission to locate their friend, where every decision they make dictate if they live or die.

2014 Seventh Installment Competition Winner

Title: Mind Control
Writer: Jerry Peterson
Genre: Thriller
Logline: A washed-up detective must catch a killer, who kills people by controlling their minds, in order to get his career back on track.



2014 Sixth Installment Competition Winners 

Title: Time Out
Writer: Lee Wu
Genre: Action/Adventure
Logline: A group of kids discover a device that sends them traveling through time where they must stop supernatural beings from taken over the world.

Writer: Angela Thomas
Genre: Drama
Logline: A middle-age couple, bored with life, goes on an adventure by walking across country.

Title: Mr. Slugger
Writer: Melvin Green
Genre: Comedy
Logline: An amateur baseball player sneaks into the major leagues and trades places with his twin brother, who just so happens to be a top ten player in the major leagues.

 Title: Trap
Write: Jane Wilson
Genre: Thriller
Logline: Three friends get lost in a forest, and find themselves being hunted by an unknown killer. 

Title: Scarcity
Writer: Lance Donahue
Genre: Horror 
Logline: In the mountains of California, a family becomes stranded and must battle against mysterious creatures.

2014 Fifth Installment Competition Winners 

Title: Over The Mountain
Writer: James Woodson
Genre: Action/Adventure
Logline: Two bank robbers flee their small town and become the nation's most wanted criminals.

Writer: Wendy Thomas
Genre: Drama
Logline: A girl with extraordinary powers is recruited to help heal the world's dangerous diseases.

Title: In and Out
Writer: Kathy Grover
Genre: Comedy
Logline: Three wrestling midget triplets team up to become the world wrestling champion without anyone knowing they are triplets.

 Title: The Catch 22
Write: Isiah Miller
Genre: Thriller
Logline: After finding a suit case full of money, a out of work bus driver finds himself in the middle of a war between two of the biggest drug cartels in the world.

Title: Midnight 
Writer: Eddie Shaw
Genre: Horror 
Logline: Mysterious lights in the night sky causes a science teacher to abduct people and experiment on them.

2014 Fourth Installment Competition Winners 

Title: Together As One
Writer: Morris Ellis
Genre: Action/Adventure
Logline: A down on his luck officer finds a reason to get his career back on track when his family is abducted, and will be killed in 48 hours unless a ransom is paid. The officer must track down the kidnapper before it is too late.

Title: Flowers Everywhere
Writer: Georgia Rose
Genre: Drama
Logline: After failing her law exam, a recent law school grad drastically changes career choices by becoming the first female lion tamer in her town.

Title: Remy 
Writer: Josh Krueger
Genre: Comedy
Logline: A gambling fool tries his luck at the lottery and wins millions, but there's one problem; he was drunk and cannot remember for the life of him where he left the winning ticket.

 Title: Move Over Seven
Write: Ulsem Gogi
Genre: Thriller
Logline: Seven hitmen are hired to kill each other, where the surviving hitman will walk away with 10 million dollars.

Title: Edge Forest Drive
Writer: Drew Hawks
Genre: Horror 
Logline: After their car breaks down in the middle of night on Edge Forest Drive in a desolate area, a group of friends find themselves being hunted by mysterious creatures.

2014 Third Installment Competition Winners 

Title: Legend Of The Killer
Writer: Danny Lowe
Genre: Action/Adventure
Logline: After an innocent man is framed for killing his family, he must find the "real killer" to clear his name before he's caught by the FBI.

 Title: I Love You 
Writer: Sherry Meadows
Genre: Drama
Logline: A single mom must find help for her dying son who suffers from a very rare disease.

Title: Mr. Giggles
Writer: Jenny Renee Carson
Genre: Comedy
Logline: A struggling business man, who has one last chance to close a multi-million dollar account, cannot control his other personality (a giggling clown trapped inside his mind). If he doesn't find a cure for his giggling clown split personality, he can kiss the big account goodbye.

 Title: Night Spree
Write: Langdon Wheeler
Genre: Thriller
Logline: A group of thieves go on an crime spree in suburban Chicago.

Title: The Dare
Writer: Zah Kahil
Genre: Horror (contained)
Logline: An easily pressured college freshman breaks into an abandoned home, as a dare by his peers, and discovers that people are being sacrificed to pagan gods. He must find a way out before he becomes their next sacrifice.









2014 Second Installment Competition Winners 

Title: Time Travel Master
Writer: Kandace Moore
Genre: Action/Adventure
Logline: A scientist discovers a machine that enables time travel and use it to go back in time to kill the most evil men of humanity.

 Title: One Stop

Writer: Jerry Dover

Genre: Drama

Logline: After understanding the details of an unknown disease, a mother sets out on a world-wide journey to locate the right doctor who can treat and save her 3 year-old daughter from dying.

Title: Big Lip Man

Writer: Thomas Williams

Genre: Comedy

Logline: A conceited very successful businessman gets cursed with a gigantic bottom lip 3 days before his wedding, and must figure out the remedy that will turn his bottom lip back to normal before his big day.

 Title: Glock

Write: Megan Aliso

Genre: Thriller

Logline: Three teenagers find a gun that magically turns them into super crime fighters in a city where violent crimes are the way of life.

Title: Fear For A Night

Writer: Joyce Benson

Genre: Horror

Logline: A group of thrill seekers locked themselves in a closed-down carnival that is supposedly haunted, and find themselves fighting for their lives, as the haunted speculation turns out to be horrifically real.

2014 First Installment Competition Winners 

Title: Lost Dynasty
Writer: Hank Woon
Genre: Action/Adventure
Logline: In a future where time travel is strictly governed, one man must use forbidden technology to find his son lost in time, and discovers something that should never have existed -- a thriving human civilization in the age of dinosaurs.

Title: Woodpark Drive
Writer: Richard Grover
Genre: Drama
Logline: After coming home from the hospital a middle-aged man must unite the residents of his neighborhood to keep the city from demolishing 30 percent of the houses to make room for a super highway.

Title: Mr. Grumpy Pants
Writer: Kate Lewis
Genre: Comedy
Logline: A grumpy Muppet comes to life and starts on a journey to figure out how to become a Muppet again.

Title: The Lonely
Write: Matthew Corry
Genre: Thriller
Logline: A broken man in a desperate search for redemption finds himself in a life or death struggle to save a young girl from forces old as the human race.

Title: Blood Fest
Writer: Matthew Biggin
Genre: Horror
Logline: A bunch of small town teenagers host a horror movie night to save their local movie theater. But things take a deadly turn when they are trapped inside the theater with a savage and brutal killer.

2013 Eleventh Installment Competition Winners 

Title: Line of Madness
Writer: Carl Lawson
Genre: Action/Adventure
Logline: A man with an unreal amount of energy teams up with his ex-wife to recover her $1,000,000 box of jewelry from the man whom she left him for.

Title: Stutthof
Writer: Michael Scherer
Genre: Drama
Logline: A survivor of Stutthof, a Nazi concentration camp, finds himself torn between his family and his past when he discovers that his dying friend, and daughter’s father-in-law, was an SS guard at that very camp.

Title: Heorman
Writer: Timucin Leflef
Genre: Comedy
Logline: After accidentally killing his arch-rival and winding up permanently out of a job, an idealistic superhero restores his former way of life by creating his own super villains.

Title: 72 Hours
Writer: Mark Ceer
Genre: Thriller
Logline: After getting lost in a small town, a novel writer must uncover clues to discover the whereabouts of his wife before 72 hours are up.

Title: Dark Misery
Writer: Jennifer Wess
Genre: Horror
Logline: A woman and her daughter are kidnapped by spiritual entities and find themselves in a spiritual war between demons and angels.

2013 Tenth Installment 

Competition Winners

Title: A Planet Called Eden
Writer: John Adcox
Genre: Action/Adventure
Logline: A 22nd century space expedition finds an artificial planet in a faraway solar system with mysterious connections to the origins of life on Earth.

Title: Overpass
Writer: Donald Herion
Genre: Drama
Logline: After witnessing a vicious mob murder, a 12 year old boy is saved by a mute, homeless man. The two form an awkward alliance when the drug cartel boss seeks revenge.

Title: Life Lonely
Writer: Greg Moore
Genre: Comedy
Logline: A teacher, alone and broke, discover love in the strangest places – in a fictional fairy tale where he gets lost in the fantasy world desperate to make his lover a reality.

Title: Concrete Samurai
Writer: Ramon Zapata
Genre: Thriller
Logline:  In order to save her son from vengeful extremists, an altruistic Samurai instructor must launch a catastrophic terrorist attack in New York City

Title: Night Line
Writer: Derrick Curlis
Genre: Horror
Logline: After a receptionist working the 3rd shift fails to take a desperate caller seriously, she finds herself at the end of a cruel game, where only death will end the game. 

2013 Ninth Installment 

Competition Winners

Title: Ariel

Writer: Stacy Langton

Genre: Action/Adventure

Logline: A teenage boy and his familiar, a beautiful unicorn, fight to survive in a post-apocalyptic world and battle the evil sorcerer who covets the magical power of her horn.

Title: Seeds

Writer: Jay Moore

Genre: Drama

Logline: After finding magical seeds that can cure diseases, a teenage boy must keep it from a sinister medical company while traveling across country to heal his dying grandmother.

Title: Commute

Writer: Stephanie Oppenheim

Genre: Comedy

Logline: A group of strangers from unlikely friendships and their love intertwine when they share a daily commute spanning years.     

Title: Dead Lucky

Writer: Charles Little

Genre: Thriller

Logline: The son of a famous anarchist returns to the cult his father founded in Mexico to avenge the murder of his family. The quest to find his surviving sister leads him to a darker understanding of his father’s true work as he realizes their destiny is forever intertwined with his father’s apocalyptic vision.

Title: Darkness
Writer: Francis Jay & C.B. Liffer
Genre: Horror
Logline: When a woman with night blindness is trapped in a small dark space -- with a corpse and four others, one of whom may be the killer -- she must use only touch and hearing to decide who and what to believe. Contained Horror.

2013 Eighth Installment

Competition Winners

Title: Black Mondays
Writer: Roman Latkovic
Genre: Action/Adventure
Logline: In a globetrotting tale of financial terror, a Wall Street wizard's daughter is kidnapped but a ransom is not the money. Instead, her zealot captors give him billions of dollars that he must use in the course of one single day in order to pulverize the stock markets and kick off a wild torrent of global crisis.

Title: Mute City
Writer: Steve Mahone
Genre: Drama
Logline: Fighting against the very drug that enslaved his city, a struggling addict attempts to maintain his own sanity for one reason: to protect his widowed sister-in-law from the evil that stalks every citizen.

Title: Brother of the Bride
Writer: Helen Castles
Genre: Comedy
Logline: An out-of-work actor must convince a bride-to-be that he is her long-lost brother in order to clear a forty thousand dollar gambling debt.

Title: The Phoenix Vault
Writer: Jacques Joubert
Genre: Thriller
Logline: When an elite team of Allied forces assault a top secret research facility, they become trapped underground with a sadistic Nazi Colonel and a mysterious Machine which allows him to swap minds, turning the team against each other as they desperately try to survive.

Title: My Other Girl
Writer: Roman Latkovic
Genre: Horror
Logline: After a fatal crash kills one of her twin daughters and cripples her husband a painter struggles mightily to keep her family together. The spirit of the dead twin appears, wreaking havoc in their lives.

2013 Seventh Installment Competition Winners

Writer: Morris Clark/ Rhonda Ermel
Genre: Action/Adventure
Logline:  Everyman, Dean Hill, gets the chance to travel back in time in an attempt to save the love of his life.

Writer: Patrick Connelly
Genre: Comedy

Logline: A middle management loser befriends the new guy at work and changes his image. 

Writer: Frank Ramisch
Genre: Drama
Logline: After a fatal accident, Police Detective Lyle Williams gets a second chance at
life and becomes relentless about finding who or what has such power over him and his life events.

Writer:   Ray Cruz
Genre: Horror
Logline: After being locked in a warehouse a team of paranormal skeptics find themselves in a hellish reality to survive the night against demons released from the abyss.

Writer: Doug Dilg
Genre: Thriller
Logline: A Soldier falls in love with the enemy and has to kill the woman he loves, and live with the regret. 
The time is the future, the girl is infected with an alien form, and the Soldier gets to do it all over again.

2013 sixth Installment Competition Winners

Writer: Alex F. Harris
Genre: Action/Adventure
Logline:  A mysterious businessman forces a glib young criminal to carry out dangerous corporate espionage after surgically installing a bomb in his chest cavity.

Writer: Hamilton Mitchell
Genre: Comedy
Logline: A tech college grad discovers that his first love is going to marry his step dad.

Writer: Chad Parsons & Wolfgang Bauer
Genre: DRAMA
Logline: Summoned to Vienna to settle her estranged son's estate, a bigoted prude meets the son's "family" and comes to learn the real meaning of tolerance and unconditional love.

Writer:   Stephen Hunt
Genre: Horror
Logline: A young Realtor markets a Louisiana mansion whose ghosts perpetuate their love affair by fatally possessing new owners.

Writer: Mark Pomes
Genre: Thriller
Logline: When an ambitious advertising sales exec is promoted he stumbles upon a conspiracy involving fake Russian agencies, and it’s a race against the clock to expose the crooks before their biggest investor loses millions – not to mention his own life.

2013 Fifth Installment Competition Winners

Writer: Nicholas Horwood
Genre: Action/Adventure
Logline:  Lancelot returns to England following the death of King Arthur to find Mordred on the throne. With Merlin’s help he gathers the last surviving knights of the Round Table and sets out to overthrow Mordred and restore his honor.  

Writer: Seth Rizzo

Genre: Comedy

Logline: 1987--A drummer in an up-and-coming rock band is forced on the run when he discovers that the band's roadie is in the witness protection program. 

Writer: William J. Viglione and Diana Harrington
Genre: DRAMA
Logline: One woman searches for truth, understanding and answers following the brutal murders of her sister, brother-in-law, and their two young children.  Answers that may only be found in one place -- from her family's convicted murderer on death row.  The 25-year personal saga behind one of the most shocking crimes in Indiana history.

Writer: Sandra Lee Slotboom
Genre: Horror
Logline: When a teenage misfit moves into a Victorian mansion with her estranged father and his new family, she's possessed by a malicious spirit who transforms her... for a price.

Title: MALLED (aka THE MALL)
Writer: Lauren Peterson
Genre: Thriller 
Logline: Before it opens to the public, a computer whiz and some friends sneak into America's first "smart" mall - a fully automated super structure complete with the latest in hi-tech holographic innovations - and are soon trapped inside by its omnipotent Big Brother security system.  With the body count rising, the remaining teens will have to use every bit of human ingenuity to escape a building smarter than they are.

2013 Fourth Installment Competition Winners

Title:  Drone America
Writer: Dianna Zimmerman & Brad Jost
Genre:  Action/Adventure
Logline:  In the near future, when drones dominate the skies, an ex-military pilot takes a cushy job at the mammoth drone corporation, but when bodies start to pile up, he must uncover who's behind the killing.

Title: Bucks Party
Writer: Edward Dorgan
Genre: Comedy  
Logline: After being dumped at the altar himself, a bachelor party-planner falls in love with a client’s fiancĂ© and must save her, from marrying the wrong man.

Title: McMinn County War
Writer: Kelly Goodner
Genre: Drama
Logline: World War II heroes, who return home to East Tennessee to find it victimized, almost oust the crooked sheriff and machine politicians through a non-partisan, all GI ticket, but launch a one night revolution when the deputies abscond to the jail with the ballot boxes.

Title: Covers
Writer: Francis Jay
Genre: Thriller
Logline: After an agoraphobic man's wife and children disappear, his family's dark secrets are revealed as he remains trapped by his own condition and is thrust into a world of espionage with international repercussions.

Title: Wicked Good
Writer: Andrew Ethan Bailey
Genre: Horror
Logline: Satan’s armies are on the march, but the only one who can stop them from breaking through the gates of Hell is a teenage girl with powers beyond her understanding, alone, and unable to remember the terrible secrets of her past.

2013 Third Installment Competition Winners

Writer: Morgan Tegtow
Genre: Action/Adventure
Logline:  A teenage girl falls in love with a boy who crash lands on earth and possesses a device that accesses travel through the universe which others seek to control the planet.  

Writer: LeMar R. Fooks

Genre: Comedy

Logline: A self-absorbed NBA superstar needs a new kidney, and the only donor is a crazed nerdy fan who, by taking over the media spotlight, teaches the basketball idol that there are more important things in life than fame.

Writer: Mark Pomes
Genre: DRAMA
Logline: "When a young ambitious junior doctor suddenly loses his sweetheart to cancer, he gives up his career and leaves everything behind to search for a cure. Twenty-two years later, and a Nobel Prize Winner, he goes back in time with the cure to save her."

Title: CULT
Writer: Myke Friscia
Genre: Horror
Logline: A bizarre religous cult use the help of a beautiful woman to lure victims for use in ritual slaughter.

Writer: Richard L. Sartore
Genre: Thriller
Logline: The killing of an innocent Indian accused of murdering a popular rancher results in an Indian tribal payback placed on the entire town of Dazevill.

2013 Second Quarter Competition Winners

Title: Amazon Toucans
Writer: Donna Lisa
Genre: Action/Adventure
Logline: A clever misfit toucan is the only one who can save her rowdy fun loving flock, when they're banished from the treetops and threatened by Night Creatures. 

Title: Café Herrenhof
Writer: W.J. Parolini
Genre: Drama
Logline: Historical drama. Based upon a true story.  A cultural landmark, its Jewish owners and legendary clientele struggle to survive the rise of Hitler’s Nazis and the coming of WWII.

Title: The Morning After
Writer: Rebekah Reaves
Genre: Comedy
Logline: An engaged workaholic has the worst hangover of her life when she’s paired with her one-night-stand on a project that can make or break her career and upcoming marriage.

Title: Killer Audition
Writer: Vaughan Dawson
Genre: Thriller
Logline: A young theater actor is obsessed with playing Shakespeare's most popular villain, Richard III. When an off-Broadway theater company passes him over for the part, he decides to take drastic and deadly action, just as Richard himself would.

Title: Murder Mansion
Writer: Jesse Dylan Young
Genre: Horror
Logline: On Valentine's Day weekend, friends and lovers head to a private island for a murder mystery vacation, where all is fun and games until someone starts killing for real.

2013 First Quarter Competition Winners

Title: Sirens Vendetta
Writer: Antoine Mizel
Genre: Action
Logline: Two contract killer sisters battle a corrupt politician and her pair of ninja assassins.
Title: Live From The Milky Way
Writer: Joe Borriello
Genre: Sci-Fi/Thriller
Logline: In the 24th century, a renegade astronaut leads an expedition to search for the existence of extraterrestrial life only to learn that Earth and its people have been the subject of an intergalactic reality television show.
Title: Gillespie’s Son
Writer: Vivian C. Lermond
Genre: Comedy
Logline: A free spirit slob dad's OCD son moves in and disrupts his dad's love life and his dad must find a way to get his son to move out.
Title: RRH
Writer: Marc W. Johnson
Genre: Horror
Logline: When a biochemist discovers she unwittingly advances werewolf cell regeneration she squares off against a werewolf bent on supremacy over mankind.
Title: Light House
Writer: Shelly Matthews
Genre: Drama
Logline: A highschool teacher discovers one of her students is kidnapped by a gang leader and must rescue him in less than 72 hours.  

2012 Fourth Quarter Competition Winners

Title: Overseas
Writer: Calrton Welch
Genre: Action
Logline: Two deputy US Marshals travel to Afghanistan in order to extradite an escaped terrorist that managed to join the Army, and must fend for their lives after getting shot down and losing their prisoner in a remote desert valley.

Title: Vesuvio
Writer: David Kearse
Genre: Thriller
Logline: When two young American meet in Italy, their romance and very lives are threatened after being seduced by a charismatic hotelier/gunrunner and his female assistant.

Title: Food Truckers
Writer: Kevin McCabe
Genre: Comedy
Logline: Food truck fight! Scrambling to support their families, two jokesters bite off more than they can chew when they venture into the highly competitive and wacky food industry.

Title: Lucent
Writer: April Wolak
Genre: Horror
Logline: A recovering alcoholic, attempting to piece her life back together, discovers that she has moved into a haunted house.

Title: The Aftermath
Writer: Laura Taylor
Genre: Drama
Logline: Caught between two warring tribes in post-apocalyptic Australia, a female warrior must choose between and survival, when she is claimed as the wife of a fierce tribal leader. 

2012 Third Quarter Competition Winners

Title: Quest for Light, Adventure of the Magi
Writer: Byron Anderson
Genre: Fiction, Adventure
Logline: Quest for Light, Adventure of the Magi, is the story of the Bible's Persian priests who are captivated by an extraordinary star and journey along the Silk Road battling evil and struggling with their faith until they are transformed by God on their way to Bethlehem.

Title:      Klaus The Great
Writer: Brian Lee Weakland
Genre:   Drama (Family)
Logline:  A profoundly old philosopher, struggling to survive a book-selling war with a brash Ivy League professor, discovers the value of social media from his savvy 17-year-old adopted grandson and, in the process, rediscovers the joys of living. 

Tile: Open Wide
Writer: Charlie Robinson
Genre: Comedy
Logline: A dentist, struggling to save his urban clinic, gets some unexpected help when his two young sons capture a tooth fairy.

Title: A Stranger In The Woods
Writer: Andrew B. Chisholm
 Genre: Fairy Tale Horror
 Logline:  A lonely and dejected cop's serial murder investigation gets derailed when he's seduced by his chief suspect -- a beautiful forest nymph he’s uncertain even exists.    

Title: Lights Out
Writer: Jason Berg
 Genre: Thriller
 Logline:  After being framed for killing his wife, an ex-cop must prove his innocence and bring the murderer to justice.


2012 Second Quarter Competition Winners


Title: Le Mans
Writer: Josh Levy
Genre: Action/Adventure
Logline: After a devastating accident ends his racing career, a young race car driver attempts the comeback of a lifetime by enlisting his childhood friends in putting together an American racing team.



Title: Hookers
Writer: Ron Herrsche
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Logline: A love-starved FBI agent reunites with her long-lost high school crush when she goes undercover to investigate his family's alleged connection to the Mob.



Title: Mistress Mom
Writer: Tony Scott
Genre: Drama
Logline: On the edge of financial disaster after losing her business, a MIT grad and suburban mother of two reinvents herself as a “Fetish Facilitator” and  “Fantasy Role Play Consultant”.  Based on the true story of the highest paid Dominatrix in Silicon Valley.


Title: Condition of Return
Writer: John Spare
Genre:  Horror
Logline: Senseles school shootings, random acts of violence, celebrity assassinations. Perhaps these incidents occur for a valid reason. This is the question failed psychologist Don Thomas must address as he interviews a mild mannered teacher in an attempt to rationalize why she committed a savage act of terrorism at her church on Easter Sunday.



Title: Get The Girl
Writer: Michael B. Peterson
Genre:  Thriller
Logline:  In today’s society arranged marriage is taboo; therefore, Bryan, a sociopathic have-nothing, is chosen and promised riches beyond his wildest dreams by a high powered Chicago family to court the humble daughter of a well-connected international banker without her knowing. 



2011 Fourth Quarter Competition Winners


Title: Prince of Madness
Writer: Jason Skorski
Genre: Action/Adventure
Logline: After returning from presumed death, the tormented son of a crime boss clashes against his ruthless brother over the fate of the family empire - and the woman he loves.


Title: Closing Costs
Writer: Patrick Connelly
Genre: Comedy
Logline: A neurotic insurance agent is caught up in an ambitious starlet's plan to make it to the A-list.


Title: South of Main Street
Writer: Bob Gately
Genre: Drama
Logline: An emotionally challenged dad, who most believe suffers from Post Traumatic Stress, or worse, suddenly must prove he’s ‘normal’ or be labeled as incapacitated when his wife dies and his daughter sues for financial control of the estate.


Title: Fangs:  The Hazing
Writer: Brenda Warder
Genre:  Horror
Logline: A pair of wolverine-born, flesh-seeking twins establish a sorority on a small town college campus to support their secret cause.


Title: Stalking Connie
Writer: Michael Breiburg
Genre:  Thriller
Logline:  When Hank, a high school Junior, discovers the classmate he's infatuated with, Connie, has a stalker, he must get closer to her to protect her from him.

2011 Third Quarter Competition Winners


Title: Gravity
Writer: Andy Noble
Genre: Action/Adventure
Logline: A scientist creates a Gravity Cannon for the US Military — and is the only one who can reverse its lethal power and save the world from Armageddon.


James Sims II
Genre: Comedy
Shortly after two drunken weekends, a woman finds out she's pregnant and even worse, the two potential fathers are brothers. The two forcefully move in with her and compete against each other until the due date.


Title: Passing Through
Writer: Robert Rhyne
Genre: Drama
Logline:  After crippling a woman in a hit and run, a doctor struggles to overcome his guilt by secretly becoming a nurse’s aide to care for his victim – only to fall in love with her.


Title: Dig
Writer: Alex Sinesi
Genre: Horror
Logline: A young architect encounters a beautiful, haunted drifter with a supernatural connection to his construction site, where gruesome and inexplicable accidents are occurring.


Terence Brody
Genre: Thriller
Everything he touches turns to cold.

2011 Second Quarter Competition Winners


Title: Rebel High
Writer: Alan O'Brien

Genre: Action/Adventure
Logline: A tough New York teenager assembles a rag-tag group of young, international action heroes to battle the black-ops mercenaries who have invaded their posh boarding school.


Samuel C. Spitale

Genre: Comedy
Logline: When an FBI hopeful's background check reveals a mysterious warrant, he rushes to New Orleans - in the midst of Mardi Gras - to clear his name, but finds a slew of new trouble awaits and the warrant becomes the least of his problems.


Title: The Cry of Angels
Writer: Karen Kenyon
Genre: Drama
Logline:  An American doctor who is losing her sight, and an Italian baritone who believes in magic, are star-crossed lovers who discover the rewards - and the consequences - of following your heart.


Title: The Cubbyhole
Dennis Shutty 

Genre: Horror
Logline: A young couple stumble upon a secluded home and are pulled into a murder case by forces beyond the grave.


Title: Hero Island
George Covic

Genre: Thriller
Logline: A 12 year old boy wins a vacation for him and his family to a tropical island, but when they find themselves holding evidence to a kidnapping, their guide is murdered and they are forced to fend for themselves against the criminals and nature, little do they know the whole scenario is a set-up being filmed for a reality TV show.

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